The cats accommodation at Carlton Cattery

Accommodation at Carlton Cattery

All cat accommodations are constructed to designs recommended by the Feline Advisory Bureau and the Cattery is run to their standards.

The individual chalets are large as are the open air covered runs which have a garden view.

SizesInside accommodation

Chalets for 1 or 2 Cats measure 4' X 4' and Runs are 4' X 6'
Chalets for 3 or 4 Cats measure 4' X 5' and Runs are' 5' X 6'

There is a 2 feet gap between each pen to avoid contact or possible cross-infection.

Heating is provided by infra-red dull emitters controlled by a thermostat set at about 20 degrees celsius.

Inspection is always welcome

Certification and Insurance

We are licensed by Basingstoke & Dean Borough Council who inspect annually.

Cats must be vaccinated for Feline Enteritis and Flu. We will need to see a certificate. We also recommend that your Cats are up to date with their worm and flea treatments.

We are insured by Pet Plan for both the Cats health and public liability insurance.

Contact Carlton Cattery

For more information about Carlton Cattery and the range of services we offer, call us on 01635 268340 or email us at